ART•ZY FAM•LY - A Modern Happy Family Game


A game that embraces today’s diversity of modern families!

A reinvented Happy family game that introduces children to all sorts of different families to help them be more open-minded, more confident and more respectful towards differences!

  • 4 levels of difficulty – A game for young children to expert players with The Step FAM•LY Option!
  • 7 FAM•LYs illustrated by 4 amazing artists! Andre Martel, Ankhone, Claude Thivierge and Julie L’Ecuyer
  • 6 bonus cards to create your own FAM-LY! Children can use the 6 bonus cards to create a FAM-LY. It can represent their own family, or they can use their imagination to create a unique FAM-LY.

Object of the Game: Bring as many families together as possible! A family is complete once a player holds all 6 members of the same FAM•LY.

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